Reading academic books could sometimes be boring and stressful; several things are fighting for your attention while you are trying to concentrate, understand and memorize what you are reading.

But, do you know you can now enjoy reading your academic books and remember everything you read, just like watching movies or playing games on your mobile phones?

GLASS is a mobile app that lets you concentrate, understand and remember everything you read easily, by converting your class notes and textbooks into Interactive Trivia Games, one topic at a time.


GLASS is a product of 15 years research that combines Cornell Learning Method, developed by Professor Walter Pauk of Cornell University, with Information Analysis Techniques, to make learning more fun and efficient
It systematically guides you through the 4 steps of Efficient Learning Strategies i.e. Concentrate, Understand, Recall and Entrench (C.U.R.E)


By turning the things you have to read into mobile games, GLASS engages all your senses and helps improve your concentration through Whole-Brain Learning.


GLASS uses Information Analysis Techniques to breakdown the information in your academic materials into IDEAS and FACTS, therefore making it easier for you to understand.


Knowledge Acquisition Game in GLASS is a trivia game that helps you remember all the facts in your notes, while the Knowledge Reinforcement Game is a missing-word game that helps you reinforce the Recall Keywords in every fact.


GLASS uses Fibonacci Review Sequence to help you apply the 3rd Law of Memory. It helps you schedule your review periods and notifies you to play the games at intervals that ensure you never forget any fact.


The Games on GLASS can be played offline

Every topic contains knowledge from multiple sources, recommended by your curriculum

GLASS enhances whole-brain learning

GLASS lets you study for your exams anywhere, without distractions

With GLASS, you will never have to cram your notes again to remember what you read

GLASS lets you read and master any topic faster

GLASS saves you the cost of buying multiple textbooks

GLASS lets you create time for your other passions, without sacrificing your academic performance

GLASS lets you have all your class notes, handouts and textbooks in one place

GLASS helps you organize all your academic topics in a way that will let you understand and remember everything easily